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Paramedic's Mom Died in His Arms. He Can't Get Workers' Comp

Quebec's Olivier Mireault was on a work call—but he responded before shift started

(Newser) - In November, Quebec paramedic Olivier Mireault responded to a call at his mom's house. The 63-year-old ended up dying in her son's arms of an aortic aneurysm rupture after he couldn't revive her. "I said, 'This can't be real. Someone wake me up,'... More »

Japanese Literally Work Themselves to Death

'Karoshi' demises are often from suicide, heart attack, or stroke

(Newser) - Work-life balance is the American worker's goal, but for Japanese employees, work and life may be one and the same. The Washington Post takes a look at Japan's toil-til-you-drop culture, where 12-hour days are typical and there's even a word ("karoshi") that means "death... More »

Why a Big Toe Is Worth $6K in California, $90K in Oregon

State payouts on body parts are way out of whack, investigation reveals

(Newser) - Anyone with the misfortune to lose a limb on the job at least gets a decent workers' comp payout, right? Actually, it all depends on where they live, reports ProPublica and NPR . Here's a crazy example of what the joint investigation calls this "geographic lottery": Jeremy Lewis and... More »

Employee Hurt During Sex Won't Get Workers' Comp

Case reached Australia's highest court

(Newser) - In the just-so-you-know department: Getting injured while having sex on a business trip does not qualify you for workers' comp benefits. Or at least that's how things roll in Australia, where a crazy case managed to reach the nation's highest court, reports Bloomberg . It started in 2007, when... More »

Pepper-Spraying Cop Wants Workers' Comp

John Pike, since fired, claims psychiatric injury

(Newser) - The University of California cop who gained notoriety during the Occupy protests by methodically pepper-spraying a group of student protesters says he's a victim, too. John Pike, who got fired from the university force after the incident, claims he suffered psychiatric injury and is due workers' comp, reports the... More »

Woman Hurt During Sex Wins Workers' Comp Suit

It's an 'ordinary incident of life,' rules judge in Australia

(Newser) - It might not be the stuff of workers' rights fights of yore, but it's still a victory. Of sorts. An Australian judge has ruled that a woman who got injured during sex is entitled to workers' comp, reports . It seems she was out of town on... More »

6 Stories