Ri Yong Ho

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Kim Plans Economic Overhaul in N. Korea

General's ouster paves way for reform: insider

(Newser) - After North Korea's top military leader was removed from the post, observers wondered why; now an explanation seems to be taking shape. Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho, seen as a close ally to Kim Jong Il, didn't want to see sweeping changes to the country's economy—but... More »

Kim Jong Un Promoted to Army's Top Rank

Cements his role atop North Korea's power structure

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un removed any doubt that he's No. 1 in North Korea today, by ascending to the rank of marshal of the army—right after ousting Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho , who had been the country's top military official and closely allied with Kim's father. Kim now... More »

North Korea: We Could Defeat US In 'Single Blow'

Top military official boasts of 'powerful modern weapons'

(Newser) - If bluster were power, North Korea would have taken over the world this week—and today it's boasting that it could pretty much do just that. One of the nation's top military officials today bragged that his nation "is armed with powerful modern weapons" that "can... More »

3 Stories