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Washed Up in Washington: Japanese Home?

Kayakers find lumber, household supplies

(Newser) - Kayakers are scouring the coast of Washington state for more debris from Japan's tsunami—and their latest find, on a Makah Indian reservation 120 miles from Seattle, was rather haunting. A collection of nailed-together lumber produced by an Osaka factory, along with a bottle of kerosene with Japanese writing... More »

Japanese Tsunami Dock Washes Up in Oregon

Biologists fear invasive species hitched a ride

(Newser) - The West Coast has encountered its largest piece of tsunami debris yet—an entire dock that was ripped from its moorings by the monster wave that hit Japan 15 months ago. The 66-foot structure was spotted floating off the coast of Oregon on Monday and washed ashore sometime yesterday. It'... More »

Alaska Hit By 'Unprecedented' Tsunami Debris

Buoys and other material from Japan show up on Alaska shores

(Newser) - Buoys by the hundreds are just part of the "unprecedented" waves of debris washing up on Alaska's shores. Montague Island, located some 120 miles southeast of Anchorage, has lately seen a steady stream of buoys, styrofoam, and other items that have made their way across the Pacific, likely... More »

Tsunami Debris: What to Expect

Leading edge of vast field of debris hitting West Coast

(Newser) - As debris from the Japanese tsunami—including a ghost ship and a soccer ball —begins to reach the shores of the US and Canada, officials want the public to know what to expect. Huge amounts of debris are expected to wash up, but with the debris field having dispersed... More »

4 Stories