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Having Trouble Concentrating? Time to Repaint Your Room

Bright reds and yellows can improve studying

(Newser) - Is your kid having a hard time concentrating on her homework? It might be time to repaint her room, according to a new study out of Australia. Science Network WA reports researchers found that brightly colored rooms—specifically ones that are red or yellow—help students study better. “The... More »

Prof Suggests Study Session for 'Students of Color'

Santiago Piñón seems to single out Hispanic students

(Newser) - Good idea: A Texas Christian University professor recently reached out to students in an effort to help them succeed in his religion class. Bad idea: Santiago Piñón only reached out to "students of color." A portion of his message, procured by Inside Higher Ed :
  • "At
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Today's College Is More Like Kindergarten

Students log just 27 hours of class, study time a week

(Newser) - In 1961, college students spent 16 hours in class each week and another 24 hours studying, making college the equivalent of a full-time job. Today, just 27 hours are spent in class and studying—or the same amount of time, the Washington Post points out, as the typical five-year-old spends... More »

Dogs Provide Therapy for Stressed-Out Law Students

The pooches took over the library at Emory Law School

(Newser) - Students cramming in the library at Emory Law School this week are getting some unusual stress relief. Therapy dogs were dispatched to lower the blood pressure of students studying for finals, reports WXIA in Atlanta . Stressed-out students "get relief by petting a dog, loving on a dog, and thinking... More »

4 Stories