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Joe Biden Suddenly a Liberal Hero

His gay-marriage comments 'sped up history': Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Liberals are celebrating a hero in the White House, and his name is ... Joe Biden. The vice president's comments on Sunday in support of gay marriage clearly "sped up history," writes Steve Kornacki at Salon , and gave President Obama "no choice but to say what he’... More »

Behind Obama's Gay-Marriage Nod: Biden

VP's comments forced the president's hand sooner rather than later

(Newser) - If the United States of America had a nickel for every time its current vice president opened his mouth and inserted foot, we'd all get a trip to Disneyland. But Joe Biden's comments Sunday instead got us President Obama's personal endorsement of gay marriage —yesterday, not... More »

Joe Biden 'Comfortable' With Gay Marriage

Vice president endorses same-sex unions on 'Meet the Press'

(Newser) - President Obama's views may be "evolving" on gay marriage , but Joe Biden's are characteristically blunt: The vice president, though making clear his views were his own, told Meet the Press this morning that he's "absolutely comfortable" with gays tying the knot, saying that the concept... More »

3 Stories