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2K Dead Mice Dropped on Guam's Snake War

They're packed with Tylenol to kill invasive creatures

(Newser) - Guam has a new weapon in its war against brown tree snakes : an army of Tylenol-filled dead mice. The creatures have been dropped onto a US Air Force base using miniature cardboard parachutes, NBC News reports. The snakes, an invasive species, feast on exotic local birds and cause power outages,... More »

US to Shower Guam With Dead Toxic Mice

PETA not pleased with snake-minded move

(Newser) - The US has a plan to deal with Guam's overwhelming snake population , and it's not sitting well with animal rights activists: In April or May, dead mice stuffed with acetaminophen will be parachuted into Guam. As the AP explains, the plan is built around the brown tree snakes'... More »

Tiny Guam Battles 2 Million Snakes

Brown tree snakes are killing native species and biting humans

(Newser) - Two million snakes have taken over the tiny island of Guam, with devastating consequences. Described by the BBC as "one of the most successful invasive species ever," the the brown tree snake is believed to have first slithered onto the 30-mile-long US territory 60 years ago, likely carried... More »

3 Stories