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Obama Usually Comes Back Strong

'Tends to respond when the pressure is greatest': Biographer Maraniss

(Newser) - President Obama used his "cool fluidity" and "improvisational ease" to easily beat his debate opponent, writes David Maraniss in the Washington Post . The problem for the president's supporters is that the debate took place in high school. Can that old Obama return to form? Maraniss, who wrote... More »

Obama's Mother Shaped His 'Essence'

He is his mother's son: David Maraniss

(Newser) - Barack Obama titled his memoir Dreams From My Father, but "Dreams From My Mother better evokes his story," writes Washington Post editor and Obama biographer David Maraniss. The president is very much a reflection of his mom, the Kansas-born Stanley Ann Dunham who married a Kenyan and later... More »

2 Stories