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Words Your iPhone Won't Spell-Check: Abortion, Rape

But it will suggest 'abiogenesis': Daily Beast

(Newser) - Got the latest version of iOS on your phone? Don't expect spell-check to help you out when you type "abortiom." After using an iOS 6 simulator, the Daily Beast found iPhones do not offer spelling suggestions for a range of fairly common but controversial words, even when... More »

Looks Like Apple Is Testing New iPhone, iOS

Developers spot tell-tale sign

(Newser) - Enjoying that new iPhone 5 you got for Christmas? Well, Apple may already be working to make it a dinosaur. The tech giant already appears to be testing a new iPhone with a new version of iOS, developers tell The Next Web . App usage logs for some of Apple's... More »

Google Maps Returns to iPhone

And yes, new app includes turn-by-turn

(Newser) - The wait is over, iPhone users. Google has at last released a stand-alone Maps app for iOS, available as a free App Store download. In a blog post announcing the release, Google boasts that it has redesigned the app "from the ground up … It's a sharper looking,... More »

Apple Axes Maps Chief

Google readying maps app for Apple devices

(Newser) - The manager who oversaw Apple's mistake-ridden maps software has been told to clean out his desk and attempt to find his way out of the building. Mapping team chief Richard Williamson was fired as part of a management shake-up last month , sources tell Bloomberg, and his replacement is scrambling... More »

Apple, GM Bringing Siri to Cars

Upcoming models to connect to iPhone via Bluetooth

(Newser) - Soon, your car may be able to fumblingly attempt to respond to your requests in a snarky robotic voice, too. GM announced today that it will be integrating Siri into three of its new models—the Chevy Spark, the Sonic LTZ, and the RS. The cars will be able to... More »

Google Maps Poised to Return to the iPhone

2 months after getting boot, Google nearly ready with app

(Newser) - You can't keep a good app down. In September, Apple dumped Google's famed maps from its latest mobile operating system, iOS 6—earning more than a few jeers in the process. But Google is bouncing back and is putting the finishing touches on a new map app it... More »

Reason Apple Exec Got Fired: No Maps Apology

Scott Forstall wouldn't sign company letter

(Newser) - Now we know why Apple canned iOS guru Scott Forstall : He refused to sign a letter apologizing for iOS 6's much-maligned map app, sources tell the Wall Street Journal —a letter that CEO Tim Cook wound up signing himself . Forstall was close with Steve Jobs, and indeed was... More »

Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You, Again

Advertisers getting data, though this time, at least, it's anonymous

(Newser) - There's an iOS6 feature you probably haven't heard of that's making some people very happy. Unfortunately, those people are advertisers. The new iPhone OS comes with a new tracking system that clues advertisers in on how you're using the phone, Business Insider reports. Tracking is turned... More »

Tim Cook Apologizes for Crappy Apple Maps

Meanwhile, iOS 6 users complain of WiFi problems

(Newser) - How bad is the firestorm over iOS 6's reportedly terrible new Maps app ? So bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook felt compelled to publicly apologize today. "At Apple, we strive to make world-class products," he wrote on the company's site . "With the launch of... More »

Google Might Create Map App for iPhones

Apple ditched Google Maps, and critics aren't happy

(Newser) - If you're one of the people wailing and gnashing your teeth because Apple removed Google Maps from iOS 6, take hope: Google's making it pretty clear it wants to make a standalone map app available. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Google UK's marketing director said iPhone... More »

iOS 6: Goodbye, Google Maps

Apple's new mapping app suffers glitches: experts

(Newser) - The latest iPhone operating system is missing a key feature: Embedded Google maps. Instead, phones using iOS 6 will be treated to Apple's own mapping system, and that's a very mixed bag, analysts tell the New York Times of the software update released yesterday. Sure, it looks nice;... More »

Apple Turning iCloud Into Instagram Wannabe

New version will allow you to share, comment on photos

(Newser) - Apple is planning a complete overhaul for its iCloud service, transforming it from a basic cloud storage service into a photo-sharing service à la Instagram, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . At the moment, iCloud just lets you store a single "photo stream" online and access it from any... More »

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