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Meet the Woman Who Carried a Fetus for 60 Years

It calcified inside her uterus, thus she was never able to get pregnant

(Newser) - It's something of a bittersweet coda: A 91-year-old Chilean woman learned earlier this year that she'd unwittingly carried a 4.4-pound calcified fetus for decades, and she now tells CNN it's the reason she and her husband could never have children. Estela Meléndez, 91, learned the... More »

Doctors Find 4-Pound Fetus in Woman, 92

Doctors don't plan to remove it

(Newser) - When a 92-year-old Chilean woman was taken to the hospital after a fall recently, doctors performed a routine exam and were shocked when a hip X-ray revealed a 4.4-pound fetus filling her abdominal cavity. Hospital director Margo Vargas Lazo tells the BBC that the calcified fetus was "large... More »

Images Capture Effect of Smoking on Fetus

Research suggests it slows development

(Newser) - It's not exactly bombshell news that smoking during pregnancy probably means bad news for the baby, but the CDC estimates that about 14% of pregnant women in the US still light up anyway. Researchers hope their new study shrinks that number even more, reports USA Today . Using high-definition images... More »

Girl Born Pregnant With Twin Fetuses

Condition, called fetus in fetu, has only been reported 200 times

(Newser) - Being born pregnant is so rare it has only been documented 200 times, but it does happen. Now researchers are reporting this week in the Hong Kong Medical Journal on the November 2010 case of a newborn girl thought to have two tumors in her abdomen that were found to... More »

Mother Lets One Twin Die to Save Other

Dwynwen Davies talks about her heartbreaking choice

(Newser) - Dwynwen Davies didn't think much of the fact that a child in the nursery she runs had come down with slapped cheek syndrome. The virus produces cold-like symptoms and a rash that gives the appearance of "slapped cheeks," but the 30-year-old from South Wales was unconcerned; as... More »

Doctors Find 44-Year-Old Fetus in Woman, 84

Brazilian woman says she became pregnant decades ago

(Newser) - In a story as bizarre as it is deja vu-ish , a 44-year-old fetus has been found in an 84-year-old Brazilian woman. The Daily Mail reports by way of G1 that the discovery came last Friday, when the woman's intense stomach pains landed her in a hospital in Tocantins state... More »

Texas Husband Named Brain-Dead Wife's Fetus

Doctors think Nicole Munoz was a girl

(Newser) - Before a Texas hospital took his pregnant wife off life support Sunday, Erick Munoz asked doctors to do one last sonogram. "They think it was a female," Munoz tells the AP of the 23-week-old fetus, his second child with Marlise Munoz. He named the fetus Nicole, Marlise's... More »

Hospital Refuses to Unplug Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman

Marlise Munoz didn't want to be kept on life support, says family

(Newser) - Paramedics Marlise and Erick Munoz of Crowley, Texas, had good reason to talk about their own end-of-life wishes, and Erick says his wife made it clear that she would never want to be kept on life support if there was no chance of recovery, reports the Dallas Morning News . And... More »

Doctors Find 40-Year-Old Fetus in Woman, 82

'Stone babies' end up mummified in body

(Newser) - An 82-year-old Colombian woman went to the hospital with abdominal pain and got a diagnosis she almost certainly wasn't expecting: There was a 40-year-old fetus inside her. The condition is known as a "calcified fetus," "lithopaedian," or "stone baby," the Telegraph reports. It'... More »

Pregnant Ex-Addict Fights Law That Got Her Confined

After being hauled away in cuffs, Alicia Beltran challenges fetal protection law

(Newser) - When asked about her medical history during a prenatal checkup this July, Alicia Beltran was honest. She said she'd become addicted to Percocet last year, but had weened herself off it using the anti-addiction drug Suboxone, which she had finally stopped taking three days before her appointment. No, she... More »

Baby Found in Shopping Bag Born Alive: Cops

17-year-old mom was carrying around the remains

(Newser) - A dead baby found in a teenage girl's shopping bag at a lingerie store was born alive and then asphyxiated, police said today, as the macabre discovery turned toward a possible homicide case. Police believe 17-year-old Tiana Rodriguez gave birth to the baby at a friend's house and... More »

Girls Stopped for Shoplifting Had Fetus in Bag: Cops

Security guard finds human remains in teen's bag

(Newser) - A security guard on the lookout for shoplifters at a Manhattan Victoria's Secret ended up making the most gruesome of finds yesterday afternoon: what appeared to be a fetus in a plastic bag, police say. The New York Daily News reports that the guard spotted two 17-year-old girls swiping... More »

Boy, 2, Has His Own Twin Removed From Stomach

Parasitic fetus was 10 inches wide

(Newser) - When Xiao Feng was admitted to a hospital in China with an extremely swollen stomach, doctors made a pretty disturbing find: The 2-year-old boy was carrying his own twin inside his stomach. The undeveloped fetus acted as a parasite, growing until it took up two-thirds of Feng's stomach, Inquisitr... More »

Teacher Finds Human Fetus in Classroom Cabinet

May have been used as a teaching tool for years

(Newser) - A teacher at Florida's Cape Coral High School returned to his classroom at the beginning of the school year and was greeted with a not-so-pleasant surprise: Inside one of the cabinets was a mason jar wrapped in a paper bag ... and inside the jar was a human fetus, WFTX... More »

Latest Claim in Abortion Fight: Fetuses Masturbate

Lawmaker says they feel pleasure, so why not pain?

(Newser) - As the House debates a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks , Texas Republican Michael Burgess has offered the most headline-grabbing defense of the legislation so far:
  • "Watch a sonogram of a 15-week baby, and they have movements that are purposeful. They stroke their face. If they're
... More »

Scans Show Fetuses Do Yawn

Study says yawning definitely different from regular mouth-opening in scans

(Newser) - Ahh, the life of a growing baby—so tiring! New 4D scans of 15 fetuses found that fetuses do actually yawn while in the womb, ScienceDaily reports. But it's actually not because they're tired, the lead researcher says; rather, "the frequency of yawning in the womb may... More »

Dark Knight Miscarriage Victim Crippled by Injuries

Ashley Moser was shot twice in the attack

(Newser) - The story of Ashley Moser keeps getting sadder. The mother of the youngest Dark Knight massacre victim, Moser suffered a miscarriage this weekend—and will likely be paralyzed because of her injuries, the AP reports. She was shot in the neck and stomach during the attack. Her aunt, MaryEllen Hansen,... More »

Gruesome Find in Russian Forest: 248 Fetuses

They were preserved in formaldehyde

(Newser) - Villagers in Russia's south Urals have stumbled upon a gruesome discovery—four barrels containing 248 human fetuses left in a forest. Police in the Sverdlovsk region said today the fetuses, preserved in formaldehyde, were kept in barrels with tags containing surnames and numbers. Police suspects that one of the... More »

Afghan Massacre's 17th Victim: Fetus

US had bumped toll from 16 dead

(Newser) - The US military raised the death toll in the March 11 massacre of Afghan villagers from 16 to 17 last week; now Afghan police explain why. The 17th victim was an unborn baby, an officer tells the New York Times : "The Americans are right and one of the females... More »

'Fetal Pain' Law Advances in Georgia

Measure to restrict abortions after 20 weeks clears Senate panel

(Newser) - Georgia is a step closer to becoming the latest state to restrict abortions based on the principle of "fetal pain." The measure would outlaw nearly all abortions after 20 weeks, which is when the bill's supporters say the fetus can feel pain, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Opponents... More »

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