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'White Privilege' Shows Up in New Profile of Rachel Dolezal

Ijeoma Oluo found Dolezal 'dismissive,' 'condescending' toward blacks in interview

(Newser) - If you haven't tired of hearing about Rachel Dolezal —the woman who was born white but now identifies as black— Ijeoma Oluo has penned "The Heart of Whiteness," a new piece for the Stranger that Jezebel calls "so good we never have to think about... More »

First Line of The Stranger Is Still Translated Wrong

'Mother died today' should be 'Today, Maman died': Ryan Bloom

(Newser) - Albert Camus' The Stranger opens with the famous—and relatively easy to translate—"Aujourd’hui, maman est morte." It's so easy, in fact, that not a single English translation has gotten it right, writes Ryan Bloom in the New Yorker . He argues that the precise wording of... More »

2 Stories