Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

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Sheriff Criticized for Spending $300K on New Belt Buckles

Sheriff says a well-dressed deputy is a well-respected deputy

(Newser) - Giving new meaning to "fashion police," the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is drawing criticism from its own deputies over the decision to replace their uniforms' silver-colored belt buckles for gold-colored ones. The Los Angeles Times reports the department is spending $300,000 to replace belt buckles,... More »

Inside the Convoluted Case of a Vanished Deputy

Officers say Jon Aujay committed suicide, others say he was killed by one of his own

(Newser) - Six days after Jon Aujay disappeared in the Devil's Punchbowl in California's Antelope Valley on June 11, 1998, authorities assumed he committed suicide. A resident said he heard a gunshot in the Punchbowl, where Aujay often went running, and though no body was ever found, some of Aujay'... More »

LA Sheriff Hired Dozens of Officers With Shady Pasts

'LA Times' offers up detailed investigation

(Newser) - Roughly four years ago, Los Angeles County's Office of Public Safety was dissolved in order to save money, with the task of patrolling parks and government buildings falling to the LA County Sheriff’s Department—which in 2010 hired about 280 applicants from the disbanded office. The Los Angeles ... More »

'Police Gang' Probed in LA

Seven suspected members of 'Jump Up Boys' placed on leave

(Newser) - Seven deputies suspected of belonging to a "police gang" that supports street crime crackdowns backed by shootings have been suspended from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, according to officials. The so-called "Jump Up Boys" apparently operated like a squad within a squad, with members believed to... More »

4 Stories