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A Very Different Kind of Farm Grows in Newark

AeroFarms employs aeroponics technology to grow greens in vertical stacks of beds without soil or water

(Newser) - The proposal might sound unlikely: Take an abandoned steel mill in Newark, NJ, and build a so-called vertical farm, the world's largest. In so doing, revive a rundown area, produce more crops in less space far faster than in a field, use fewer resources, and pack in more nutrients... More »

As Big Mammals Die Off, Planet Suffers a Poop Shortage

The flow of phosphorous and other nutrients has declined dramatically

(Newser) - Earth isn't just dealing with the loss of big mammals, such as elephants, whales, and rhinos. It's also faced with a dramatic reduction in their poop, which could have profound effects on the planet's ecosystems, reports Red Orbit . Researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy ... More »

Our Food Labels Need to Tell Us the Bad News

...says a new report that wants calories, fat listed on the front of packages

(Newser) - It's time for food manufacturers to come clean about what's in their products, a new report on food labeling suggests. In addition to trumpeting the good (high fiber!) food labels should fess up to the bad ('high sodium!') on the front of the package, argue experts from the... More »

Eat Your Veggies; Here's How

Cooking (or not) can boost nutrients, experts say

(Newser) - Chomping on a raw carrot may give you the keen eyesight of a cartoon rabbit, but boiling the vegetable first is a better way to release its nutrients, scientists say. The New York Times looks at a variety of cooking methods and finds the goodness of the good stuff on... More »

Not So Bad for Dirt-Eaters to Dig In: Study

Research finds unusual diet may rid body of toxins

(Newser) - New research is giving new meaning to the term Mother Earth: Scientists say loam in the soil may provide vital protection against poisonous agents in the body. People around the world, especially pregnant women, have eaten dirt for hundreds of years. Now researchers have found that earth not only provides... More »

New Moms Use Natural Remedy for Depression

Placenta thought to help regulate volatile hormones

(Newser) - People think it's weird, and there's no research to prove it works, but new mothers  who've suffered from postpartum depression swear by it. The placenta that nourished the baby is injested by the new mom—dried and put into gelatin capsules, or just plain cooked and eaten. The placenta is... More »

6 Stories