flame retardants

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Scientists Find 6 Flame Retardants in Our Bodies

Small study analyzed urine of 16 Californians

(Newser) - Much of the furniture in your home is likely coated in flame retardants—and it turns out those same flame retardants may be making themselves at home in our bodies. The Silent Spring Institute, working in tandem with Belgian researchers, tested 16 Californians for biomarkers of six flame-retardant chemicals using... More »

We're Regulating Chemicals All Wrong

The FDA, EPA should be considering them by the class

(Newser) - When it comes to how our government regulates potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals, Rolf U. Halden and Robert S. Lawrence have some big numbers to throw around. The two recently analyzed 143,000 peer-reviewed research papers related to what they've dubbed "chemicals of emerging concern" and determined that the... More »

Chemical-Soaked Danger Lurks in Your Couch

Deadly chemicals in furniture illustrate lobbyist dangers

(Newser) - To you, the sofa is probably just a place to park your butt. But to Nicholas Kristof, writing in his latest New York Times column, it is a symbol of how money and politics ruin everything. That's because nearly all couches in the United States contain flame retardant chemicals... More »

3 Stories