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Apple: Goodbye Revolver Emoji, Hello Water Gun

Emoji swap part of iOS 10 update that also includes rainbow flag, 'gender diverse' additions

(Newser) - Apple has swapped out an emoji in what the Guardian describes as a reflection of "growing despair in America and worldwide" over gun violence. Starting in September, a neon-green water gun will replace the company's black-and-silver revolver, part of an iPhone and iPad iOS 10 update that "... More »

Texas Girl Shot With Real Gun at Water Gun Fight

It appears to have been an accident

(Newser) - Police are sorting through what they're calling conflicting stories regarding an incident at a family gathering in a Houston suburb Saturday, but a 40-something man appears to have accidentally shot a 15-year-old girl during a water gun fight—except with an actual 9mm handgun, KTRK reports. Deputy constables say... More »

Robber Wannabe Fails With Water Gun: Police

Victim not fooled by toy's bright colors

(Newser) - If you're going to attempt a robbery, you probably won't succeed if your intended victim sees you're using a fake gun, especially if it's all different colors. That's what police say happened to Amanuel Perkins, who's accused of trying to rob a Missouri business... More »

Man Makes Shotgun Out of Super Soaker

Surprise: Randy Smith then finds himself arrested

(Newser) - Beware the toys of summer. A 54-year-old man faces a long list of charges after being spotted by Fresno, Calif., police with a Super Soaker around his neck, reports KMPH . The illegal part? The water gun had been refashioned as a shotgun, and Randy Smith just so happened to be... More »

4 Stories