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Ayatollah: Nuclear Talks 'Will Lead Nowhere'

Pessimism high as talks resume today in Vienna

(Newser) - Negotiators from Iran and six other nations will convene today in Vienna to try to hammer out a permanent follow-up to Iran's temporary nuclear deal , but expectations aren't exactly soaring. "The nuclear negotiations will lead nowhere," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei predicted yesterday, echoing the feelings of many... More »

Deal Near? Kerry Heads to Iran Talks

Uranium enrichment rights remain point of contention

(Newser) - In the event that an Iranian nuclear deal appeared close, six world powers' head diplomats were poised to head to Geneva, the New York Times notes—and now John Kerry is doing just that. Already today, Russia's foreign minister did the same; Britain's foreign secretary has tweeted that... More »

Iran OKs Broader UN Inspections

Tehran talks lead to 'roadmap,' while Geneva proposal rejected

(Newser) - Talks in Tehran between Iran and the UN's nuclear chief have produced a "roadmap" for boosting inspections—but some of the sites that most interest UN investigators aren't included in the deal as it stands, the AP notes. Still, they'll get access to a planned heavy... More »

Iran: We Have More Uranium, Will Build 16 New Plants

Announcement comes on eve of nuke talks

(Newser) - Days before returning to the nuclear bargaining table, Iran says it has found more raw-uranium deposits and plans to build 16 new nuclear power stations, Reuters reports. A state news agency said the new deposits exist in "southern coastal areas" and triple Iran's estimated amount of raw uranium.... More »

Iran: We'll Build 2 More Plants, Enrich 20% Uranium

Nuclear official: 'We have no reason to retreat'

(Newser) - Iran plans to build two new nuclear reactors and retract an earlier offer to stop enriching uranium up to 20%, the nation's top nuclear official told state news today, the New York Times reports. "Iran will build a 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plant in Bushehr next year,"... More »

Iran Balks at Nuclear Offer

Talks in Baghdad continuing today

(Newser) - Talks between Iran and six world powers about Iran's nuclear program yesterday yielded only an agreement to keep talking today. During the talks in Baghdad , negotiators offered Iran a package of benefits for freezing uranium enrichment, but the country's official news agency slammed the package as "outdated,... More »

Iran Nuclear Talks Begin With 'New Offer'

The six nations' goal: a shutdown of higher-grade uranium enrichment

(Newser) - Today's the day: Iran is sitting down with six nations to talk nukes, an event that has been described in terms of cautious optimism for days. Now that it's actually here, what's worth knowing, and what should you be watching for? A primer:
  • The talks began about
... More »

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