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Beijing Brings in 'Toilet Revolution'

It includes facial recognition toilet paper dispensers

(Newser) - Fed up with the theft of toilet paper from public bathrooms, tourism authorities in China's capital have begun using facial recognition technology to limit how much paper a person can take. The unusual move—part of a "toilet revolution"—is another step in China's vast upgrading... More »

An Indian City Is Paying People to Use Its Toilets

Officials hope the offer deters public defecation in Ahmedabad

(Newser) - Going to the bathroom isn't just universal. In one Indian city, it's also lucrative. Officials in Ahmedabad are paying residents to use public toilets in an effort to keep open areas free of urine and human waste. Their slogan: "Take a pee and get a rupee."... More »

Almost All the Bathrooms in This Country Are 'Wrong'

Rick Paulas explains why

(Newser) - You have until tomorrow to vote on the winner of this year's " America's Best Restroom " contest, but Rick Paulas has news for you—nearly all of the bathrooms in America are complete failures. He runs down his reasoning at Pacific Standard :
  • The toilet: It's actually
... More »

Get Paid $100 a Day... to Review Public Toilets looking for a copywriter

(Newser) - Need some extra cash? If you live in New York and are willing to spend a lot of time in public restrooms, you can earn $100 a day for reviewing the facilities, the Daily Dot reports. Michael Li, the creator of , which helps people find nearby restrooms, makes... More »

New Rule for Beijing Public Toilets: Only 2 Flies

China's capital seeks to clean up bathrooms

(Newser) - The Chinese government is implementing new rules to spruce up its capital city's notoriously dirty public bathrooms. The weirdest of the bunch: a toilet in Beijing can be home to a maximum of two flies, reports the BBC . It's not clear how rigidly the measures will be enforced,... More »

5 Stories