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Guy With 'I Am a Bully' Sign: Judge Is Being Mean to Me

Edmond Aviv does not like holding 'I AM A BULLY' sign at intersection

(Newser) - Edmond Aviv, 62, has a really hard time playing nice in the sandbox: He likes to yell racist slurs at little kids in his neighborhood, especially if they're disabled in some way, regularly smeared a neighbor's car with dog poop, has dumped fabric softener all over a lawn,... More »

Wis. Town Passes $114 Bullying Fine—for Parents

New Monona law would fine repeat bullies and their parents

(Newser) - A Wisconsin town might have finally figured out a way to deal with childhood bullies: fine their parents. As part of an anti-bullying ordinance that passed in Monona late last month, parents of repeat offenders can be ticketed by police and fined up to $114 the first time, and $177... More »

Detroit Cops: 7-Year-Old Killed Self After Bullying

He was also depressed over parents' split

(Newser) - Detroit's police chief calls it "unfathomable": A 7-year-old boy hanged himself from his bunk bed with a belt, depressed over his parents' separation and because he got bullied constantly at school and around his neighborhood, reports the Detroit Free Press . He was discovered by his 14-year-old-sister, who saw... More »

3 Stories