Large Underground Xenon experiment

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Dark Matter Experiment Finds Best Nothing Yet

First run of South Dakota experiment comes up empty

(Newser) - The team running the biggest, most sensitive dark matter detector yet announced its first round of results yesterday—specifically, the lack thereof. Scientists at the Homestake Gold Mine in South Dakota cooled a vat full of 368 kilograms of liquid xenon to minus 150 degrees Fahrenheit, watched it for three... More »

Secret to Dark Matter May Lie Under South Dakota

Large Underground Xenon experiment to be housed in town of Lead

(Newser) - Nestled nearly 5,000 feet beneath the Earth in the gold boom town of Lead, South Dakota, is a laboratory that could help scientists answer some pretty heavy questions about life, its origins, and the universe. Today part of the Homestake Gold Mine—opened in 1876 and shuttered in 2003—... More »

2 Stories