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Family: Wrong Woman Was in Casket at Grandma's Viewing

And no one seems to know where Virginia Gray's body went

(Newser) - When Virginia Gray's grandkids went to Horton's Funeral Home last Friday to pay their respects to the DC matriarch, who had died at the age of 83 in mid-February, they were prepared to say their final goodbyes, News4 reports. But although her family recognized the clothing on the... More »

Venezuela Running Low ... on Coffins

Production down 20% to 30% in country with high murder rate

(Newser) - Now even in death, Venezuelans are afflicted by shortages. Coffin production has dropped between 20% and 30% this year for lack of materials, industry officials say, forcing funeral and burial delays and boosting coffin prices. In especially short supply is the metal leaf used in coffin-building, says Pedro Navarro, former... More »

5 Bizarre Ways to Immortalize Yourself

'Cremation Solutions' can make an urn resembling your head

(Newser) - Aren't sure your accomplishments will inspire a life-size statue in the local square? Consider Cracked 's list of creepy ways to immortalize yourself:
  • An Urn Resembling Your Head. Using 3-D imaging, Cremation Solutions can mold one in your likeness for only $2,600. Don't like your own
... More »

Monks Fight for Right to Sell Caskets

Monastery heads to court against state of Louisiana

(Newser) - A group of monks in Louisiana is heading to federal appeals court in a battle against the state. The monks want the right to sell their handcrafted caskets, but the state has demanded they cease and desist because of regulations regarding "funeral merchandise"—which the monks say were... More »

4 Stories