International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

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Gold, 18 Elements Get a New Atomic Weight

Along with 18 other elements

(Newser) - Scientists made a weighty announcement this week: 19 elements on the Periodic Table, including gold, arsenic, and aluminum, have been assigned new atomic weights. Remember the glory days when cadmium was 112.411(8) atomic mass units? No longer. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry says it's now... More »

Now on the Periodic Table: Livermorium

...Flerovium, too

(Newser) - Nearly a year after they joined the periodic table, two man-made elements have been officially named. What used to be element 114 is now flerovium, honoring the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions in Dubna, Russia, where it was created. Element 116 is now livermorium, for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory... More »

2 Stories