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Search for Earhart's Plane to Resume

Group plans new Pacific expedition

(Newser) - The search is back on: The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery is returning to the Pacific island of Nikumaroro next year to hunt for wreckage from Amelia Earhart's plane, reports NBC News . TIGHAR has already undertaken several expeditions at the site, where it believes Earhart and navigator Fred... More »

Beset by Problems, Search for Earhart's Plane Ends

But researchers still believe the aviator crashed near Nikumaroro

(Newser) - The latest ambitious, expensive expedition to find Amelia Earhart's plane is returning to Hawaii, without the pictures of the plane researchers were hoping to obtain. "This is just sort of the way things are in this world," the president of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery... More »

Anti-Freckle Jar Key Clue to Amelia Earhart Crash Site?

More evidence that she may have lived as castaway on Pacific island

(Newser) - Out, damn spots! Legendary flyer Amelia Earhart hated her freckles, and now a very old jar of anti-freckle cream discovered on a remote Pacific island is adding to evidence that searches may have found her final resting place. The jar, broken in five pieces, was found by researchers for the... More »

3 Stories