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Walmart's New Delivery Service: You

Retail behemoth looks to crowd sourcing for home delivery

(Newser) - If Walmart is too understaffed to stock its own shelves , how can it hope to move into home delivery? Turns out, the retail behemoth could be turning to people like you. Yes, Walmart is looking into crowd-sourcing home deliveries, paying its customers to deliver packages for them, reports Reuters . "... More »

Shopping on Google? Only Advertised Items to Appear

The products that appear on top will be the ones Google is paid most to feature

(Newser) - Google Product Search will soon become Google Shopping, and the new name will be accompanied by a big, and potentially irksome, change to the service. In a nutshell, companies will now have to pay for their position in search results. "We are starting to transition Google Product Search in... More »

2 Stories