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Kellyanne Conway Has Year's Most Notable Quote

From Yale list of the top 10 for 2017

(Newser) - The use of the term "alternative facts" by Kellyanne Conway , an adviser to President Trump, tops a Yale Law School librarian's list of the most notable quotes of 2017. The statement Conway made when asked why Trump's then-press secretary Sean Spicer mischaracterized the size of inauguration crowds... More »

Scientists Slip Bob Dylan Quotes Into Articles

Swedish professors enjoy mixing medicine and Dylan

(Newser) - Think medical research and Bob Dylan are a natural combination? Five Swedish scientists would agree, and have even started a contest to see who can stuff the most Dylan words into articles before they call it a career, the Local reports. It started 17 years ago when two professors, Eddie... More »

Neil Armstrong, a 'Liar'? Please

Astronaut didn't fib about his famous quotation: Andrew Chaikin

(Newser) - Neil Armstrong not only made history, he gave us one of the 20th century's most famous quotes—but did he lie about it for years after? At Space.com , Andrew Chaikin is ready to fire that "outrageous accusation" into the stratosphere: "Let’s get one thing straight... More »

Quote Approval Is Ruining Journalism

David Carr discusses a disturbing trend

(Newser) - Today's journalists are increasingly faced with subjects who insist on "quotation approval" as a condition of their interviews—and that's a big problem, writes David Carr in the New York Times . Politicians who want to approve quotes before a piece runs reveal "democracy" to actually be... More »

In Debate on Women's Issues, Men Do the Talking

Study: Most quotes in media about women's topics are by males

(Newser) - When it comes to debate in the media over women's issues, most of the quotes are by... men. A new study shows that when women's topics such as abortion, Planned Parenthood, and birth control are discussed in print and on TV, males are quoted around five times more... More »

5 Stories