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Raising Retirement Age Hurts the Working Class

But 'political elites' in white-collar jobs think nothing of it: Ezra Klein

(Newser) - When it comes to shoring up Social Security, "establishment Washington" thinks a key part of the solution is a no-brainer: raise the retirement age, writes Ezra Klein at Vox . After all, goes the argument, Americans are living longer, so it's only logical to push it back to age... More »

Raising Social Security Age Is 'Cruel' Idea

Paul Krugman says advocates miss key point on rising life expectancy

(Newser) - One idea that gets floated by both parties in the conversation about reforming Social Security and Medicare is to raise the eligibility age for both. After all, life expectancy is rising, so it's only logical, right? Wrong, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . In fact, "it'... More »

French Prez Cuts Retirement Age

Hollande rolls minimum retirement back to 60

(Newser) - As US voters and legislators are snipping workers' benefits , a nation on the other side of the pond is taking a different approach. France's new socialist president, François Hollande, is lowering the minimum retirement age by two years, reports the Telegraph . Those who begin work at the age... More »

3 Stories