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The Women Are in Prison. Pimps Are Going After Them

The 'Guardian' reports bail bondsmen can be in on it, too

(Newser) - The information is readily available online: The mugshot of a female inmate, the charges she was convicted on, and her release date. And predators are using it, finds the Guardian in an investigation. It reports that sex traffickers are both wooing "potential victims while they are still behind bars"... More »

Pregnant Inmate Raped by Guard Gets $6.7M

Ex-inmate says she was repeatedly assaulted; Milwaukee County plans appeal

(Newser) - A federal jury in Milwaukee has awarded $6.7 million to a former inmate who charged she was repeatedly raped by a jail guard while she was pregnant, the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal reports. The woman filed a civil lawsuit alleging the guard, Xavier Thicklen, began assaulting her shortly after she was... More »

Angry Judge Berates Jail Over Woman's Court Attire

But jail in Louisville pushes back over criticism

(Newser) - An otherwise routine court appearance became anything but when an angry judge in Louisville, Kentucky, interrupted the proceedings to call the jail from the bench about a female inmate's lack of pants. “What the hell is going on?” says District Court Judge Amber Wolf. “I’m holding... More »

Youngest Woman on US Death Row Calls It 'Life Row'

Emilia Carr and fellow inmate Tiffany Cole don't believe they'll ever be executed

(Newser) - One out of every 25 inmates on death row is innocent, according to PNAS —and Emilia Carr and Tiffany Cole say they're in that demographic. That's not the only thing they have in common: They're both among the youngest women on death row in the US... More »

Woman Assaulted After Man Placed in Same Cell

South Carolina detention center suspends 2 officers for blunder

(Newser) - Two prison officers in South Carolina have been suspended with pay for a mistake that led to a female inmate being sexually assaulted. The officers placed a male inmate whose cell was being cleaned in a holding cell without noticing that a female inmate was already in there, asleep with... More »

Do We Really Need to Chain Inmates Giving Birth?

Maybe the Cook County settlement will change things: Sadhbh Walshe

(Newser) - Chicago's Cook County Jail last month paid $4.1 million to settle a lawsuit by female inmates who say they were shackled when giving birth. Really, America? writes Sadhbh Walshe in the Guardian . "The practices of making pregnant women wear belly chains and of shackling their hands and... More »

6 Stories