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Dad Belatedly Realizes He's Live Streaming Son's Birth

Sarah Dome didn't know she was a Facebook star until afterward

(Newser) - There is sharing, and then there is oversharing. A dad streaming the birth of his son on Facebook Live may be a case of the latter. To be fair, Kali Kanongata'a says he didn't realize the video he was shooting was viewable by the general public, at least... More »

China Bans Women From Sexily Eating Bananas

Are cucumbers next?

(Newser) - When sexily eating bananas is outlawed, only outlaws will sexily eat bananas. China's state-run CCTV News reports the Ministry of Culture has banned women from "seductively eating bananas" online. Hundreds of millions of users have apparently been logging onto live-streaming platforms to watch such erotic fruit-eating clips, according... More »

Chicago Man Shot While Live-Streaming on Facebook

He was hit several times

(Newser) - A man is fighting for his life after he was gunned down in Chicago while live-streaming video on Facebook, reports Fox 6 . The video shows the unidentified male standing outside a store in the West Englewood neighborhood with at least one person nearby. Suddenly, shots are fired and the man... More »

The Oddest Martin Shkreli Story You'll Read Today

'I'm trying to dominate the rap industry'

(Newser) - Internet villain and recent arrestee Martin Shkreli apparently idolizes Bill Gates, plans to become a rap mogul, and threatens high-schoolers. The New York Times has the transcript of a bizarre conversation between the notorious pharmaceutical CEO and some teenage fans days before his arrest on fraud charges Thursday. The conversation... More »

Pranksters Hijack GOP Web Petition Against ObamaCare

'Barf vomit' not a good look

(Newser) - A kind-of clever live Internet petition launched by the Republican National Congressional Committee to attack ObamaCare went embarrassingly awry when it was hijacked by pranksters, reports Wired . The "I want repeal" petition on Tumblr allowed users to "sign" the petition and watch their name "print out" on... More »

5 Stories