Controlled Substances Act

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House Unveils Medical Pot Bill

Legalization bill gets feds out of 'never-never land,' sponsor says

(Newser) - A bipartisan bill to end the federal prohibition of medical marijuana—and close the ever-greater gap between state and federal policy—was unveiled by House lawmakers yesterday, Politico reports. Chief sponsor Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, described the legislation as a way to clear up the current confusion around federal... More »

4 Kids Hospitalized After Eating Cocaine at School

Child tells her mom about 'naughty medicine'

(Newser) - Four elementary school children in Washington, DC, have been hospitalized after ingesting cocaine brought to class by a friend. That student has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. The ages of the children, all in good condition, have not been released, but the generally well-regarded Thomson Elementary School... More »

Farmers Fight to Legalize Pot's Cousin

Growing hemp won't harm drug war, say strapped ND growers

(Newser) - The push to legalize hemp—marijuana’s less potent cousin—has some unlikely supporters: North Dakota farmers who couldn't be more conservative in every other respect, the New York Times reports. Hemp, used in clothing, lotions and even snack bars, has become especially attractive to North Dakota because of a... More »

3 Stories