Feng Jianmei

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Couple in China Harassed After Forced Abortion

Banner calls family 'traitors'; husband in hiding

(Newser) - The Chinese couple forced into a late-term abortion that prompted international anger over China's one-child policy have been facing relentless harassment for being "traitors"—abuse that has driven the husband into hiding, a family member tells the BBC . The 23-year-old wife, Feng Jianmei, is still in the... More »

Brutal Details of Forced China Abortion Emerge

As government apologizes to Feng Jianmei, suspends 3 officials

(Newser) - China has suspended a trio of officials linked to a forced late-term abortion case that has made waves internationally. The Ankang city government has apologized to Feng Jianmei, who tells NBC News her story: Seven people wrestled her out of her home and into the hospital, she says, where they... More »

2 Stories