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Report: Armstrong Trying to Roll Back Ban

But to get back into sports, he's got to play nice with anti-doping agency

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong, in possession of a mighty anti-Midas touch of late , would like to compete in high-level triathlons in his abundant spare time, it seems. But that pesky little lifetime ban from sports has forced him to turn to the arms of a longtime thorn in his side, reports the... More »

US Sprinter Tyson Gay Tests Positive for Drugs

Pulls out of world meet after banned substance turns up

(Newser) - American 100-meter record holder Tyson Gay tested positive for a banned substance and said he will pull out of the world championships next month in Moscow. Gay wouldn't reveal the substance in a phone conversation from Amsterdam today, but he said he was notified by the US Anti-Doping Agency... More »

Armstrong: 'Impossible' to Win Tour Without Doping

He says on eve of new race

(Newser) - With the 100th Tour de France set to begin, Lance Armstrong as good as called every previous winner a cheater. "It's impossible to win the Tour de France without doping because the tour is an endurance event where oxygen is decisive," he told France's La Monde,... More »

Should We Give Lance Another Chance?

Reactions to his doping confession

(Newser) - Now that Lance Armstrong has admitted to doping , it seems he's officially made his way from universally beloved to universally reviled . A roundup of reactions to his confession, which airs on Oprah's show tomorrow:
  • "He’s a cheater and a bully who doesn’t deserve leniency,"
... More »

Armstrong to Appear on Oprah Next Week

Plus: Disgraced cyclist 'offered $250K to anti-doping body'

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong is rumored to be ready to confess to drug use —and it could happen on Oprah's show. The disgraced cyclist will give a "no-holds-barred" interview to Oprah Winfrey that will air on her network next week, CNN reports. In his first formal interview since he... More »

Lance Armstrong Might Admit Doping

Reports say he's considering a confession to reduce lifetime ban

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong has spent the last decade swearing up and down that he never, ever, used drugs to boost his performance, even as the evidence mounted and he got stripped of his titles and glory. Now, he might just fess up, reports the New York Times and Wall Street Journal... More »

UK Times Sues Lance Armstrong for $1.6M

Remember that time you sued for libel over doping allegations?

(Newser) - Britain's Sunday Times once paid Lance Armstrong $485,000 to settle a libel lawsuit over doping allegations, and it would like its money back: In more bad news for the disgraced cycling champ, the Times has filed legal paperwork "demanding a return of the settlement payment plus interest,... More »

Livestrong Donations Up Since Scandal Broke

Just 8 donors have asked for refunds from charity

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong severed all ties to the cancer-fighting charity he founded in an effort to ensure donors didn't run for the hills—but Livestrong says just eight donors have asked for their money back since Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles were stripped by the US Anti-Doping Agency.... More »

Cycling Body Officially Strips Armstrong's 7 Tour Wins

Cyclist banned for life, 'has no place' in sport: top official

(Newser) - Following a recommendation by the US Anti-Doping Agency , the governing organization for cycling has withdrawn Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles and banned him for life. "Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling," says International Cycling Union president Pat McQuaid. That leaves Tour de France officials... More »

How Lance Armstrong Got Away With It

One clever technique: Hiding

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's oft-repeated claim that he'd never tested positive for doping was the result of some elaborate masking techniques —and some less-sophisticated methods, like hiding from testers, according to a US Anti-Doping Agency report. Cyclists have to keep national anti-doping groups updated on their whereabouts. But if... More »

USADA: Lance at Center of Sport's 'Most Sophisticated' Doping Ring

Damning new report out today

(Newser) - The US Anti-Doping Agency is releasing a damning report accusing cycling legend Lance Armstrong of being at the center of “the most sophisticated, professionalized, and successful doping program that sport has ever seen,” reports NBC News . The report amasses sworn testimony from 23 sources, including 12 of Armstrong'... More »

Armstrong's Tragic Flaw: His Ego

He shouldn't have attempted 2009 comeback: Dan Levy

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his titles and banned for life from pro cycling. But don't blame performance-enhancing drugs for Armstrong's downfall—blame his ego instead, writes Dan Levy at Bleacher Report . After winning his seven Tour de France titles, Armstrong attempted a 2009 comeback. "If... More »

Armstrong Files Suit Yet Again

Meanwhile, 2 team doctors, trainer banned from sport for life

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong clearly has no problem with persistence. After a lawsuit he filed Monday was tossed within hours , Armstrong filed a re-worded suit against the US Anti-Doping Agency late yesterday. The new version, cut down from 80 pages to 25, tones down language that a judge called overly incendiary, the... More »

Judge Throws Out Armstrong Lawsuit

He slams cyclist's 'publicity-seeking' complaint

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's longshot lawsuit against the US Anti-Doping Agency was thrown out of court just hours after it was filed yesterday. A federal judge in Austin, Texas, Armstrong's hometown, blasted him for filing a lengthy lawsuit stuffed with irrelevant claims "included solely to increase media coverage of... More »

Armstrong: Anti-Doping Agency Is Unconstitutional

Cyclist sues to block charges against him

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong has filed a lawsuit against the US Anti-Doping Agency, and he's swinging for the fences, if you'll pardon the cross-sports metaphor. Armstrong is arguing that the doping charges against him , and all athletes, are unconstitutional, denying them their due process rights, the AP reports. He's... More »

Armstrong Teammates: We'll Testify Against Him

Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton also working with anti-doping group

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's former teammates are planning to testify against the champion cyclist amid doping charges , insiders tell the New York Times . George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde, and David Zabriskie have all said they'd testify on behalf of the US Anti-Doping Agency. "I’m sad he... More »

Lance Armstrong Officially Hit With Doping Charges

Armstrong denies allegations, has 10 days to respond

(Newser) - Two weeks after announcing doping charges were coming , the US Anti-Doping Agency formally filed charges against Lance Armstrong yesterday, reports the Wall Street Journal . Armstrong has 10 days to decide whether he'll contest the accusations; doing so would mean his case would be argued in front of a three-person... More »

Doping Probe Got Earful From Lance's Ex-Teammates

Officials point to lengthy team 'doping conspiracy'

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong could lose his Tour de France titles—thanks in part to his own former teammates. "More than 10 cyclists," as well as other team employees, spoke "face-to-face" with the US Anti-Doping Agency regarding Armstrong's alleged doping . The agency says it has uncovered a years-long... More »

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