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New Wireless Internet Network Threatens GPS

GPS critical for air traffic control, car navigation, and more

(Newser) - GPS and wireless Internet are two of the most-loved and most important tech advances of our time—but now a clash of frequencies is threatening a high-tech showdown. LightSquared is developing a $14 billion, 40,000-transmitter high-speed wireless Internet network, but that system bumps right up against GPS operating frequencies,... More »

Man Sensitive to Wi-Fi Sues His Neighbor

Santa Fe resident says her gadgets could kill him

(Newser) - A New Mexico man who says he can’t stand electromagnetic waves bombarding his head has sued his neighbor for not shutting off her wireless gadgets. Arthur Firstenberg claims to have electromagnetic sensitivity, which his lawsuit says produces “life-threatening reactions” and constant pain. As a result, he's now sleeping... More »

UN Agreement May Boost US Spectrum Bids

Google, Yahoo, Apple all seen jumping into Jan. 700 Mhz auction

(Newser) - Thanks to an agreement at a month-long UN telecom conference in Geneva, the cost for rights to use new US wireless spectrum going on the block in January may have just increased. Google, Yahoo and Apple are among the companies expected to a battle for licenses to the 700 Mhz... More »

Google Stokes Wireless Competition With $4.6B Bid

Search giant set to buy wireless frequencies

(Newser) - Google is poised to bid $4.6 billion in the upcoming federal auction of wireless frequencies,  to create a national broadband network that could challenge the dominance of companies like AT&T and Comcast. If Google's bid triumphs, the web search giant could expand into selling Internet, telephone and... More »

4 Stories