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Cops: Speeding Russian Hearse Full of Illicit Caviar

(Newser) - Police in Russia's far east stopped a hearse speeding on a highway—only to find half a ton of caviar stashed inside. The Interior Ministry said on Tuesday the hearse was caught speeding on the road connecting Khabarovsk, not far from the Chinese border, to a city further north.... More »

Biologist Has Found Way to Make Caviar Cheap

We could see 'greener' delicacy for $20 an ounce

(Newser) - A biologist in Germany is ready to revolutionize caviar, and her plan could save fish lives even as it cuts costs for consumers. Caviar comes from sturgeon—"an animal as old as dinosaurs, today nearly extinguished from its natural habitats," as Dr. Angela Köhler's company puts... More »

Wendy's Debuts $16 Caviar Burgers

Sorry, they're only in Japan

(Newser) - Bacon and cheese too old-hat for you? Wendy's has a solution: Its new burger toppings include caviar and lobster. Unfortunately, you'll have to head to Japan to sample the offerings, and you'll have to do it quickly—the burgers are part of a limited-time offer. They follow... More »

NYC Restaurant Offers $1K Caviar Pizza

Other toppings include Maine Lobster

(Newser) - Have an extra $1,000 lying around and a craving for a decadent snack? Pop in to Nino's Restaurant in New York City and order the Bellisima Pizza. The luxurious pie, going for a thousand bucks, is smothered with six different types of caviar, reports Yahoo . You'll also... More »

4 Stories