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'Alt-Right' Group Stripped of Tax-Exempt Status

Richard Spencer failed to file tax returns

(Newser) - What does white supremacist Richard Spencer get up to when he isn't being punched in the face ? It isn't filing paperwork: The Los Angeles Times reports that the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist group that Spencer has been running since 2011, has been stripped of its... More »

NFL Defends Its Nonprofit Status

Yes, the NFL is a nonprofit—kinda

(Newser) - Sen. Tom Coburn has introduced a new bill that would see the NFL's nonprofit status revoked. Wait, the NFL is a nonproft? Well, kind of, explains NBC News . Its $9 billion in annual revenue, from things like ticket sales, merchandise, and TV contracts—that's all subject to taxation.... More »

IRS Also Screened for 'Israel,' 'Progressive,' 'Occupy'

New chief admits screening was broader, longer than previously thought

(Newser) - Tea Party groups weren't the only ones targeted by the IRS. Documents obtained by Bloomberg reveal the agency also used terms such as "Israel," "progressive," and "occupy" when applying extra scrutiny to groups seeking tax-exempt status. New agency chief Danny Werfel earlier confirmed that... More »

IRS' Planted Question Adds to Its Misery

Agency tried a little trickery in its strategy of first acknowledging scandal

(Newser) - It probably seemed like a wise idea to the IRS at the time, but it's becoming clear that the strategy of planting a question in the apparent hope of spinning its recent scandal has, as the headline in USA Today puts it, backfired. If you missed it, outgoing chief... More »

IRS: Hey, We Targeted Lefty Groups, Too

Three of them; says groups 'of all political views' were scrutinized

(Newser) - The IRS is defending itself against the Inspector General's report on its targeting of Tea Party groups, saying they made up only a "minority" of the 471 political nonprofit groups scrutinized. And, hey, three—three!—of those 471 were Democrat-leaning groups, including one, Emerge America, that was... More »

White House Petition: Call Westboro a Hate Group

Church hit with 5 petitions, others want to yank tax-exempt status

(Newser) - Piers Morgan . Death Stars . And now Westboro Baptist Church. The unusual White House petitions keep adding up, and now not one, but five petitions calling for action against everyone's least favorite funeral protesters have passed the 50,000-signature threshold requiring a response. Indeed, one petition calling for Westboro... More »

IRS Probing Rove's Crossroads GPS

Tax-exempt groups are supposed to benefit community

(Newser) - The IRS has launched an investigation to determine if Karl Rove's GOP-boosting Crossroads GPS and similar organizations are violating their tax-exempt status by spending too much money promoting a party agenda and candidates. Organizations are granted tax-exempt status only if they promote a benefit to the community. The IRS... More »

NY Probes Chamber of Commerce Political Funding

Did 'charity' funnel bucks to organization for anti-Democrat issue ads?

(Newser) - The New York Attorney General has launched an investigation to determine if organizations are secretly channeling money to the US Chamber of Commerce to be used to impact political campaigns. The tax-exempt chamber is a major player in US politics, but not required to disclose the identities of its donors.... More »

8 Stories