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Toilet Trouble Forces U-Turn on Plumber-Packed Flight

'We didn't risk sending a plumber to work at 10K meters'

(Newser) - If the toilet had been on solid ground, it likely would've been fixed in a jiffy. But there was no quick fix for the toilet trouble that plagued a Norwegian flight over the weekend—despite scores of plumbers being on board. After departing Oslo, Norway, for Munich, Germany, on... More »

Ancient Greek Monument Just Got Even More Impressive

It houses one of the world's oldest plumbing networks: scientists

(Newser) - The Greek island of Keros surely impressed ancient visitors, with terraces and buildings made of gleaming white stone jutting out of the Aegean Sea. As it turns out, what couldn't be seen may have been even more impressive, reports the Guardian . An international team has uncovered a sophisticated plumbing... More »

Plumber Called for Toilet Problem Makes Terrible Find

UK woman jailed for concealing death of her newborn son years earlier

(Newser) - Plumbers called to a UK home that had been having toilet trouble found a terrible reason for the issues: the body of a newborn boy. Sinead Connett, now 29, was recently sentenced to 12 months in prison following the plumber's discovery last year. She told cops she was "... More »

500K US Homes Can't Afford Plumbing

It's yet another threat faced by rural communities trapped in poverty

(Newser) - Americans living in nearly 500,000 homes in the US don't have what the New York Times —in an eye-opening piece—calls "basic dignity." That basic dignity includes running water, a bath or shower, or a working toilet. It's that last one plaguing rural black... More »

'Bathroom Bandit' Steals One Thing—And It's Weird

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for him

(Newser) - Police in Ohio's capital are searching for a man who's been pilfering plumbing from stores, hospitals, and restaurants. Dubbed the Bathroom Bandit, Columbus police say he enters various local establishments, visits the men's restroom, disconnects the plumbing, and leaves with the stolen parts in his backpack. A... More »

Plumbers Go Where They're Needed Most: Flint

'It just goes to show how giving American people are'

(Newser) - Unlike many state officials, Michigan's plumbers aren't going to sit idly by while Flint residents drink lead-contaminated water. Michigan Radio reports plumbers from Local 370 in Flint have been installing donated filters and faucets for residents. On Saturday, they were joined by more than 300 fellow plumbers from... More »

Fired Workers Scuffle With Walmart to Get Jobs Back

2.2K employees laid off abruptly over what company calls plumbing issues

(Newser) - The 2,200 Walmart workers who were abruptly laid off because of what the company claims were plumbing problems at the stores where they worked are taking steps to ensure they get their jobs back. A union representing the workers will today file a claim with the National Labor Relations... More »

Alaska Village to Get Rid of 'Honey Bucket System'

Many residents of Akiachak are forced to use a bucket as a bathroom

(Newser) - In the western Alaska village of Akiachak, roughly half the homes use the "honey bucket system," which isn't nearly as sweet as it sounds. These homes lack indoor plumbing, so residents are forced to use large buckets as toilets; the waste is then deposited into village receptacles,... More »

America's Oddest Hobby: Cataloging Toilets

It's a thing. Really

(Newser) - There are hobbies like collecting baseball cards and knitting, and then there's toiletfan1 , who spends his spare time, with his parents, taking videos of America's toilets and urinals. And plenty of them: some 4,514 to date, posted to YouTube. And while toiletfan1 may have been remarkably prolific... More »

Waste 'All Over Floor' on Another Carnival Cruise

Tourists stuck on ship with no access to bathrooms: passenger

(Newser) - A rather disgusting moment of deja vu: It seems another Carnival cruise ship, the Dream, is experiencing a mess similar to last month's on the Triumph . The apparently crippled boat is docked in the eastern Caribbean, at St. Maarten. "We are not allowed off of the boat despite... More »

Singapore Scientists Invent Remarkable Toilet

It uses 90% less water and turns your, ahem, No. 2 into electricity

(Newser) - Imagine if every time you went the bathroom you did a little good for the planet. That green dream could soon be entirely possible, thanks to a new invention out of Singapore: a toilet system that transforms human droppings into electricity and fertilizer and uses 90% less water per flush... More »

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