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Roberts Did Flip on ObamaCare: Sources

Fellow conservatives then battled for his support for entire month

(Newser) - John Roberts hadn't always planned to give ObamaCare the green light—but once he'd changed his mind, no amount of convincing from Anthony Kennedy could bring him back, sources tell CBS News in an in-depth account of the decision-making process. Kennedy—himself long seen as a potential swing... More »

What John Roberts Is Up To

Commentators see ulterior, conservative motive behind Roberts' vote

(Newser) - John Roberts upheld the Affordable Care Act today, and "in doing so, he gave a lot of people who don't pay attention a reason to celebrate him on Twitter," writes Mobutu Sese Seko of Gawker . "They're idiots." Seko and some other observers believe Roberts... More »

2 Stories