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As Tiananmen Turns 25, China Yanks Google

Search engine, Gmail services have been down since last week

(Newser) - One of China's most famous crackdowns—that at Tiananmen Square—turns 25 this week, and China is apparently marking the occasion with another crackdown, this time on Google, reports Reuters . Censorship watchdog says that services including Gmail and the search engine have been disrupted since last week.... More »

China Censors Rebuked in Unusual Way Over Skyfall

Cuts spur official news service to speak out

(Newser) - Chinese censors' license to snip has been challenged: Cuts to the latest James Bond movie proved heavy-handed enough to earn a rare rebuke from state media, the South China Morning Post reports. Skyfall opened in Chinese cinemas this week, but with cuts that highlight the problem with the country's... More »

China Blocks NY Times Site for 'Smearing' Leader

Report on Wen Jiabao's wealth angers Beijing

(Newser) - China has blocked the New York Times' website and all searches for "New York Times" on microblogs, accusing it of smearing Wen Jiabao with a story about the immense wealth his family has amassed during his reign as prime minister. A foreign ministry spokesman said the report "blackens... More »

China Censors Flood Coverage

Beijing's disaster response sparks criticism

(Newser) - China did a marvelous job dealing with the floods that have killed at least 37 people in Beijing—at least, according to anything you're likely to read in China. The city's propaganda chief has ordered the media to report exclusively "achievements worthy of praise and tears,"... More »

NYT Launches Chinese Website

Times ' microblog accounts go offline, spurring rumors of gov't censorship

(Newser) - The New York Times launched a Chinese-language edition yesterday, along with accounts on a number of Chinese microblogging sites, joining the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and several other major newspapers trying to get a piece of the huge China market, reports the AP . It quickly racked up 10,... More »

5 Stories