Northern Mariana Islands

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Clinton Wins Northern Marianas

She comes first with 102 votes

(Newser) - The Northern Mariana Islands are Clinton country, apparently: Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic caucuses in the US Pacific Ocean territory, winning four delegates to two for Bernie Sanders, with 102 votes to 65 for the Vermont senator, ABC reports. She also has the support of one pledged superdelegate, while... More »

World's Biggest Pot-Head Countries

Polite little Palau is surprisingly blunt

(Newser) - What sort of ranking gives its top spots to Palau, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam, and puts the US at No. 7? The list of the world's top countries for marijuana use, reports Business Insider , based on the UN's latest World Drug Report . Palau dominated the rankings,... More »

2 Stories