DNS Changer

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'Malware Monday' More Bark Than Bite

ISPs say they've been working to keep affected customers online

(Newser) - With about 64,000 computers in the United States in danger of getting cut off from the Internet at midnight last night once the FBI shut down two servers connected to the DNSChanger virus , the dawning of a new day is set to bring ... well, precious little, reports the Wall ... More »

Nearly 300K Could Lose Internet Access Monday

FBI urging people to see if their computer is infected

(Newser) - Nearly 300,000 computers could be knocked off the Internet Monday, when the FBI shuts down a temporary system that's been running since last year. The problem started when hackers took control of more than 570,000 computers worldwide in an online ad scam, the AP reports. When dealing... More »

2 Stories