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How Machiavelli Made Me a Better Mom

Suzanne Evans says his principles saved her family and her sanity

(Newser) - We've met Tiger Mom , Wolf Dad , French Mom , and even Nursing Mom . Now it's time for Machiavellian Mom. Suzanne Evans writes in the Wall Street Journal that she was at wit's end trying to manage her family of four kids under age 8—until she came across... More »

What CEOs Read Before They Lead

Business leaders find refuge and resource in luxury book collections

(Newser) - Scanning the personal libraries of CEOs, tech gurus and venture geniuses reveals not only what they read but how they think, the Times reports. The well-heeled have taken to housing their exorbitant collections in luxurious, custom-built, private spaces. And if you read between the lines, the literature tends to reflect... More »

2 Stories