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Patron Surprises Library With 84-Year-Old Find

His mom took out a book in 1934 and never returned it

(Newser) - If you've been on the waiting list to take Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology out of the Shreve Memorial Library, you're now in luck. That's because a copy that's been missing for 84 years from the library in Shreveport, La., has finally been returned, the... More »

For $80 a Night, Bibliophiles Can Sleep at This Library

With all the Gladstone Library's 250K books

(Newser) - Book lovers rejoice: There exists in this world a library that welcomes visitors hoping to stay the night. Gladstone's Library , located about 200 miles northwest of London in the quaint village of Hawarden in Wales, is named after former British Prime Minister William Gladstone, who was himself a bibliophile... More »

World's Oldest Library to Share Its 'Magical Aura' Again

Morocco's Khizanat al-Qarawiyyin is reopening to the public

(Newser) - What is believed to be the world's oldest library is set to reopen to the public in the coming months, and the architect behind its restoration can't wait to share its "magical aura," the Guardian reports. “One of the startling aspects about restoring a building... More »

Forget Kindle Unlimited, Use the Library

A library card is a much better acquisition, writes Insider Higher Ed columnist

(Newser) - If there were a press release about this product, it might exclaim, "Revolutionary service gives you access to a virtually unlimited number of books!" writes Barbara Fister at Insider Higher Ed . She must be talking about Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited, which gives people access to 600,000... More »

Japan Mystery: Anne Frank's Diary Torn Apart

'We don't know why this happened or who did it,' says library council head

(Newser) - More than 100 copies of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl, plus many other related works that make mention of her or the Holocaust, have been ripped apart recently in Tokyo—the capital of a country where sales of the diary are second only to those in... More »

Libraries Lend Tools, Drums, Telescopes, Fishing Poles...

Libraries: not just for books anymore

(Newser) - Books and DVDs weren't what Ralph Mandarino wanted when he went to the Grosse Pointe Public Library. The 75-year-old retired businessman checked out a tree lopper and a tape measure, two of the more than 100 tools available to patrons of the suburban Detroit library. In a number of... More »

Great, Now Bedbugs Are Hiding in Library Books

They apparently like the spines of hardcover books

(Newser) - Just when you thought you were safe from bedbugs as long as you never stay in a hotel, go shopping for clothes or to the movies , or, you know, work in an office ... now it turns out you also must refrain from borrowing books. Yes, library books are the latest... More »

At NYC Libraries, Porn Is A-OK

Your right to watch it is apparently protected by the first amendment

(Newser) - Some New Yorkers are enjoying an illicit perk at their local library: porn. Not just porn but, in the words of the New York Post , the most "extreme, hard-core Internet smut this side of the old Times Square." Turns out you can watch the aforementioned smut in the... More »

Kindle to Add Library Lending Feature

More than 11,000 libraries have signed up

(Newser) - Kindle users will be able to go to the virtual library soon. A new feature scheduled to launch later this year will allow anyone with a Kindle (or a phone with the Kindle app) to download e-books from their local libraries for free for a limited span of time, USA ... More »

Recession's Victims Overwhelm Libraries

Surge in jobseekers, homeless, and crime stresses out library staff

(Newser) - Libraries that once worried about staying relevant are finding themselves on the front line of the recession, the New York Times reports. Attendance has surged as the newly unemployed—some of whom can't read or write or navigate the Internet—use facilities to write resumés and search for jobs,... More »

More Americans Reading Fiction: NEA

Study indicates literary decline might be reversing

(Newser) - The percentage of Americans reading fiction has increased for the first time in years, a new study by the National Endowment for the Arts indicates. The reported 50.2% of the population who picked up a book for pleasure marks a turnaround from a statistical decline in literary culture over... More »

Minneapolis, Seattle Top List of Most Literate Cities

Read all about it

(Newser) - New York may be America's cultural capital, but Seattle and Minneapolis top the list as the nation's most literate cities, reports LiveScience.  The rankings are based on newspaper, magazine, and online news readership, library usage, book purchases, and educational levels. The two cities also topped the list last year.... More »

Philly Mayor to Lease Closing Libraries

11 buildings would be run by private or foundation centers

(Newser) - The mayor of Philadelphia has preliminary agreements with private foundations and nonprofits to manage at least five of the 11 libraries the city is closing out of budget concerns, the Inquirer reports. The new institutions, which Michael Nutter said he hopes will become “knowledge centers,” will retain collections... More »

Investigators Track Nazis' Looted Books

A million plundered volumes are still on German library shelves

(Newser) - A handful of determined librarians are trying to reunite books stolen by the Nazis with their owners or their families, Der Spiegel reports. Experts believe at least a million such books are still on the shelves of libraries across Germany. Many carry a 'J' inscribed by Nazi-era librarians to indicate... More »

GOP Plays Down Book-Ban Controversy

Party says Palin's censorship questions were hypothetical

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s inquiries into book-banning were hypothetical and entirely appropriate, a McCain campaign spokesman said today, trying to clamp down on the growing online controversy. As mayor of Wasilla, Palin on three occasions asked the head of the library if she’d have a problem with banning books. The... More »

George W. Bush Library Finds a Home in Texas

SMU will host presidential library, think-tank

(Newser) - George W. Bush's presidential library will be built at Southern Methodist University, the Dallas Morning News reports. The First Lady's alma mater has had its eyes on that prize since just after Bush took office. "It took us 71 days to find a football coach, so we don't like... More »

$500M Bush Library Deal Expected Today

Southern Methodist University trustees voting on controversial project

(Newser) - Southern Methodist University's trustees are expected to vote today to bring George W. Bush's presidential library to the Texas institution, reports the Dallas Morning News.  The agreement will be "a great day for SMU," said the university's president. But the road to a final agreement at Laura... More »

Western Towns Rebuild Library Jeffs Destroyed

Books disappeared under reign of jailed Utah polygamist

(Newser) - Two tiny towns on the Utah-Arizona border are pushing to restock the shelves of their library, reports the Deseret Morning News, in a first step toward healing rifts caused by imprisoned polygamist Warren Jeffs. With Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., firmly in the grip of the Mormon splinter group's... More »

Survey: Minneapolis the Most Literate US City

Researchers looked at 69 major metropolitan areas

(Newser) - New York may be the US city with the most literary pretensions, but the nation's most literate city it's not, a new survey finds. Minneapolis takes the honors as most literate large metropolitan area in a Central Connecticut State University survey reported in LiveScience. The nine runners-up are, in order:... More »

Mold Ravages Da Vinci Codex

Damage wrought for lack of restoration funding

(Newser) - An onslaught of red, black, and purple mold has turned the Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of writings and drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, into a "precious sick patient," the Times of London reports. The mold, discovered by an American scholar, is attacking 12,000 codex sheets at... More »

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