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To Slow Brain Aging, Learn a New Language

Even if you're already an adult, researchers suggest

(Newser) - We've already heard that being bilingual can help you fight dementia . Now, some follow-up good news: Even if you're an adult, it may not be too late to reap the cognitive benefits of learning a new language, the BBC reports. Researchers performed intelligence tests on 262 bilingual people... More »

5 Surprisingly Bilingual Stars

Admit it: You had no idea Kobe Bryant speaks Italian

(Newser) - If you were impressed when you found out Bradley Cooper speaks French , well, you'll love this list rounded up by Chelsea Fagan at Thought Catalog . Fagan offers up video evidence of 10 stars who are bilingual. Five standouts:
  • Jodie Foster speaks French.
  • Kobe Bryant speaks Italian.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow speaks
... More »

Fight Dementia: Go Bilingual

Speaking 2 languages helps even if you can't read

(Newser) - If you could be reading this in another language, good news: You may have an extra weapon against dementia. A study in India suggests that being bilingual delays three kinds of dementia by 4.5 years on average, NBC News reports. "Being bilingual is a particularly efficient and effective... More »

Researchers Name Language After Colbert

It turns out bilingual people are good at learning fake tongues

(Newser) - America's favorite fake pundit now has his own fake language. Northwestern University researchers wanted to study whether or not knowing multiple languages helped you learn a completely unrelated one, so they made one up, dubbing it "Colbertian," NBC Chicago reports. "We had to invent a new... More »

4 Stories