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A $240M Win for Disabled Workers 'Treated Like Cattle'

Defunct turkey plant in Iowa ordered to pay damages to 32 workers

(Newser) - A now-defunct turkey plant accused of abusing its workers for decades has been ordered to pay $240 million in damages to 32 of its former employees. The men, who were granted $7.5 million each, were among hundreds of mentally disabled Henry's Turkey Service workers sent from Texas to... More »

Autism Linked to Dad's Age: Study

Finding might explain increase in cases

(Newser) - The older a man is when he conceives a child, the more likely that child is to develop autism or schizophrenia, a study released today concluded. The finding lends credence to the theory that the recent surge in autism diagnoses is caused in part by the trend toward having children... More »

Mother Who Left Disabled Daughter Won't Face Charges

Girl is 19; she was ditched in another state

(Newser) - A mother who abandoned her mentally disabled daughter at a bar in a different state will not be charged with a crime. Because the daughter is 19, she is legally an adult, and her mother does not have legal guardianship over her, reports MSNBC . The mother, Eva Cameron, drove from... More »

3 Stories