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Researchers Call Out Nutrition Fads as Shams

Researchers 'debunk nutrition myths'

(Newser) - Love a good juice detox? Getting into gluten-free baking? Taking antioxidant dietary supplements with your meals? Not so fast, says a large team of researchers who investigated peer-reviewed studies on a variety of recent nutrition fads. In fact, the American College of Cardiology reports that many of these diet trends... More »

'Souping' Takes Juicing by Storm

Bottled soups boast more fiber, less sugar than juices, but experts are still groaning

(Newser) - Back in February, the New York Times declared "souping" the new juicing. The appeals are obvious: juices tend to be stripped of fiber and loaded with sugar, and soups can be more dense, filling, and warm, not to mention tasty given the commonly added spices such as turmeric and... More »

Forget Juice Cleanses, an Ice Cream Cleanse Exists

But ... is it actually good for you?

(Newser) - Juice cleanses are all the rage these days—but doesn't it sound more fun to go on an ice cream cleanse? If you live in California, you can. Kippy's! Ice Cream Shop in Venice is now offering a four-day cleanse, although its version of ice cream doesn't... More »

Juice Cleanses Make You a Schmuck, Not Healthy

Katy Waldman: They're for the 'well-heeled' and aren't actually good for you

(Newser) - We are a country awash in juice—the fancy, unpasteurized, kale-filled version, that is. Writing for Slate , Katy Waldman points out that "juice" is both a verb and a $5 billion industry, fueled by celebs who swear by the health trend, which finds its apex in that most admirable... More »

New Corporate Bonding Tactic: Juice Cleanse

Because nothing says 'team spirit' like subsisting on 1,200 calories!

(Newser) - It's a corporate trend that's likely to make your stomach growl. Group juice cleanses are apparently the hippest new way for co-workers in NYC and beyond to bond, or so says the New York Times , which spoke with a handful people who have taken part. It means partaking... More »

5 Stories