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Islamists Lose Ground in Turkish Election

Government suffers setback as voters turn to secular parties

(Newser) - Turkey's Islamist-leaning AK Party won local elections yesterday, but fell short of the overwhelming victory leaders had hoped for, reports the Los Angeles Times. With most of the votes counted, the party of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan won 39% of the vote, but lost ground to secularists in Istanbul and... More »

Turkey to Lift Head Scarf Ban at Universities

Agreement alarms secular elite, which fears Islamist rule

(Newser) - Turkey is expected to do away with a 2-decade-old ban on women wearing head scarves at the nation’s universities as early as next week. The prospect alarms the country’s secular elite, who see the country on a slippery slope to Islamist rule, Der Spiegel reports. “The logic... More »

Turkish Elections Boost PM

Islamist-rooted, pro-EU ruling party sees mandate in results

(Newser) - Turkey’s ruling party dominated parliamentary elections today despite its perceived threat to the nation’s entrenched secularism. The elections were moved up after the secular opposition foiled PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan's attempt to install an ex-Islamist ally as president. The results, seen as a mandate for the AKP, also... More »

3 Stories