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Most Pay-TV Subscribers Keep It for One Reason

It's bundled with internet, says survey

(Newser) - The day of the couch potato is gone in one sense: We're not necessarily on couches when we binge on video content. But it's alive and well in another: We're watching a heck of a lot of content, usually while multitasking. These are among the findings in... More »

Binge-Watching Can Make Your Love Stronger

Study says it brings couples closer together

(Newser) - Sure, you could find more imaginative—and intimate—ways of spending time together. But if at the end of the day you find yourself camped out in front of the TV watching a favorite show with your partner, that's probably OK for your relationship, too—at least according to... More »

New Yorker Sets World Record for Binge Watching

'I would not recommend it'

(Newser) - Binged a full season of True Detective? Amateur. Took in all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad in one sitting? Not impressed. That's because 25-year-old Brooklyn resident Alejandro Fragoso just set the Guinness World Record for binge-watching when he wrapped up a full 94 hours of TV-watching, CNBC reports. "... More »

Dictionary Names Its Word of the Year


(Newser) - Collins Dictionaries is out with its top 10 words of the year—and its accompanying definitions are pretty amusing. Here's a sampling, with "binge-watch" taking the No. 1 spot:
  • Binge-watch: "To watch a large number of television programs (especially all the shows from one series) in succession"
... More »

Watching TV Can Kill You 8 Different Ways

Researchers find link between prolonged viewing and leading causes of death

(Newser) - Need a reason to watch less TV? Here are eight: cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, Parkinson's, liver disease, and suicide. Scientists are telling people to get off the couch after a study found a link between TV binge-watching and those leading causes of death. Researchers... More »

Netflix: Here's When People Get Hooked on Shows

You'd think it'd be the pilot, but no

(Newser) - If you're hoping to avoid adding another TV show to your must-watch list, Netflix has a plan to help you out: All you have to do is skip a particular episode and you should be in the clear. Well, maybe. Based on first season viewing data from 25 different... More »

Watching 5 Hours of TV a Day Could Kill You

That level of viewing can increase likelihood of deadly blood clots six-fold

(Newser) - Here's a study to make you get off the couch. Researchers from Japan's Osaka University found that watching more than five hours of TV a day can make you six times more likely to suffer a fatal blood clot, the Telegraph reports. The study, presented to the European... More »

How to Fix Our Binge Spoiler Alert Problem

Blogger's proposal: Forget binges, let's try marathons

(Newser) - We live in "confusing times," writes Rex Sorgatz at Medium , and any fan of good shows will know exactly what he means. Did you finish House of Cards or the new Tina Fey show on Netflix? Great, but don't tell anyone about it for fear of violating... More »

Binge-Watching TV Could Lead to Early Death: Study

Sitting in front of the tube for hours really not good for you: researchers

(Newser) - So, if you didn't already know—sitting around for hours at a time to binge-watch season two of Orange Is the New Black isn't exactly good for your health. A new study shows couch potatoes could be increasing their risk for an early death, and there are two... More »

Half of Netflix Bingers Watch a Season in a Week

Site releases survey arguing that it's the 'new normal'

(Newser) - Netflix's binge-watchers are not screwing around. The streaming service released a survey today intended to show how "normal" binge-watching has become. The survey found that 73% of streamers have positive feelings toward binge-watching, and 79% said it made shows more enjoyable. Perhaps more startling, the company told the... More »

You're Not 'Binge-Watching,' You're 'Being Lazy'

Willa Paskin thinks marathon sessions are getting too much credit

(Newser) - Once upon a time, spending six straight hours watching TV was considered a mind-rotting display of laziness. Now, it's called " binge-watching ," and it's "the culturally sanctioned activity of high-achieving, culturally literate adults," writes Slate TV critic Willa Paskin. But she's not convinced it'... More »

Binging on TV Is Highbrow, Not Pandemic

Meaghan Daum on why it's OK, and why we care

(Newser) - When Slate intern Jim Pagels wrote last week that "TV binge-watching is a pandemic" that ruins "the integrity of the art form," condemnation rained down from some of the mightiest media outlets in the land. How dare he! We are, after all "in an oft-noted '... More »

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