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'Quadruple DNA' Seen for 1st Time

Discovery could aid battle against cancer

(Newser) - Scientists have spotted four-stranded DNA in humans for the first time and say it could provide a key to fighting cancer, the BBC reports. A Cambridge University team revealed the find to Nature Chemistry last year, saying the "quadruple helix" may arise when a cell is unstable or in... More »

Odile Crick Dies at 86

Wife of Francis Crick first sketched the double helix structure of DNA

(Newser) - Odile Crick, who made the first published sketch of double-helix structure of DNA, died July 5th in La Jolla, CA, at age 86.  She was the wife of Francis Crick, who together with James Watson discovered the structure of DNA.  Odile Crick's drawing first appeared with her husband's... More »

2 Stories