Dark Knight massacre

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James Holmes' Booby-Trapped Apartment Revealed

Police found more than 20 explosives and incendiaries rigged to blow

(Newser) - Evidence released in the wake of James Holmes' sentencing last month gives a shocking look at the deadly booby-traps the 27-year-old Aurora theater shooter had placed around his Colorado apartment. ABC News reports the apartment contained black balls filled with smokeless powder and gasoline; pickle jars containing bullets, thermite, and... More »

James Holmes' Dad Spends Hours Trying to Save Son's Life

Robert Holmes says he was an 'excellent kid'

(Newser) - Robert Holmes has listened to months of testimony on the horror his son was responsible for, but he still loves "Jimmy"—and yesterday, he spent hours trying to save his life. He took the stand as part of the "mitigation" phase of James Holmes' death penalty trial... More »

Seconds Before Shooting, Holmes Called Crisis Line

Massacre carried out 'on autopilot,' he told psychiatrist

(Newser) - James Holmes thought he might be stopped before the Dark Knight massacre and he "kind of" regrets that he wasn't. In hours of interviews from last year being presented at his murder trial, Holmes tells a psychiatrist that as he donned body armor outside the theater, he thought... More »

Dark Knight Shooter's Diary Finally Opened

Sane or insane? Both sides say diary helps case

(Newser) - Was James Holmes in the grip of madness when he massacred 12 moviegoers in 2012, or had he coldly planned the rampage for months? Both sides in the Dark Knight shooter's trial say the gunman's diary helps their case, and on Tuesday, prosecutors entered it into evidence and... More »

Big Debate: Is Holmes' 'Smirk' Evidence?

Prosecutors say it shows he was happy with massacre

(Newser) - When a handcuffed James Holmes was asked by one cop whether he had acted alone in the Aurora theater shooting that had ended only minutes before, Holmes said nothing but gave what the officer yesterday described as "a self-satisfying offensive smirk." A prosecutor at Holmes' hearing argued that... More »

James Holmes' Lawyers: He Was Aurora Gunman

But he was suffering from a 'psychotic episode'

(Newser) - For the first time, James Holmes' lawyers have acknowledged that he was the gunman in the Aurora theater massacre. But he "suffers from a severe mental illness and was in the throes of a psychotic episode when he committed the acts that resulted in the tragic loss of life... More »

Defense Calls No Witnesses as Holmes Hearing Wraps

Judge's decision expected Friday

(Newser) - James Holmes' preliminary hearing ended today, as the defense decided not to call any witnesses, the AP reports. The judge will rule by Friday on whether the accused Dark Knight shooter should stand trial; Holmes could enter a plea that day if the judge decides he should be tried. Holmes'... More »

FBI Details James Holmes' Elaborate Booby-Trap

Also: Holmes played sock puppets with paper bags on his hands

(Newser) - An FBI agent today laid out the meticulous detail used by James Holmes to booby-trap his apartment on the night of the Dark Knight massacre in Aurora, Colorado, reports USA Today . According to his plan, a boombox would start blaring in the empty apartment at midnight. When neighbors or police... More »

James Holmes Sits Coldly in Sad Pretrial Hearing

Officers give moving testimony about 'Dark Knight' massacre

(Newser) - James Holmes sat expressionless at a pretrial hearing today as police officers gave heart-rending testimony about the Dark Knight massacre, the Denver Post reports. Officer Aaron Blue said he held a gunshot victim in the backseat of a car going to the hospital: "Everytime she moved, she stopped breathing,... More »

Holmes Back in Court as State Makes Its Case

What to expect from the hearing

(Newser) - James Holmes will be back in court today for the first time in almost six months for a preliminary hearing as the prosecution lays out its case against the 25-year-old, to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to put him on trial. Holmes has been charged with 166 counts of... More »

James Holmes Has Made Multiple Suicide Attempts

Aurora theater shooting suspect was hospitalized after at least one

(Newser) - Dark Knight shooting suspect James Holmes has attempted suicide multiple times recently, sources tell CBS4 Denver , and that's why a hearing originally scheduled for today has been postponed until next month. Defense attorneys asked for the postponement yesterday, citing a vague ailment plaguing Holmes, but did not discuss any... More »

Thief Takes Camera With Last Photos of Aurora Victim

Her grandfather pleads for return of the memory card

(Newser) - A burglary victim in Denver hopes his thief has a heart. Robert Sullivan is pleading for the return of a memory card stolen along with four cameras from his home, reports the Denver Post . Sullivan is the grandfather of 6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who was the youngest person killed in the... More »

Aurora Survivor to Voters: 'Demand a Gun Control Plan'

Puts issue on the table for debates

(Newser) - A survivor of the Aurora movie theater shootings is taking his case against gun violence to the people: In a new ad for a gun control group founded by Michael Bloomberg, Stephen Barton urges voters to "demand a plan" from the presidential candidates. It's airing on local TV... More »

Dark Knight Victims Sue Cinema

Lawsuits say Aurora theater had no security guards on duty

(Newser) - The first Dark Knight lawsuits have arrived: Three of the survivors of the shooting spree sued the theater yesterday and accused it of weak security, reports the Denver Post . The two lawsuits say the Aurora cinema had no security guards on duty for the midnight Friday showing, despite a history... More »

Dark Knight Suspect Gets Rid of Orange Hair

James Holmes looks more lively in court

(Newser) - Dark Knight shooting suspect James Holmes had a court hearing today, and his physical appearance is getting just as much play as the legal developments. His bushy orange hair is gone, replaced by a crew cut of his natural brown hair. The description from AP : Holmes "appeared more animated... More »

'Joker' Busted at Fla. Theater

But man in make-up was no threat, cops say

(Newser) - In the wake of the Dark Knight Rises shooting , turning up at a movie theater looking like the Joker is a good way to attract the attention of the police, a Florida man discovered. A concerned moviegoer called the cops when he saw a man with black, white, and red... More »

Holmes Called School 9 Minutes Before Shooting

Dialed in to switchboard that could reach psychiatrist

(Newser) - Out of yesterday's Aurora massacre hearing: a big new detail and a big setback for Colorado prosecutors.
  • The notebook: Prosecutors have been trying to get their hands on a notebook that James Holmes sent to Dr. Lynne Fenton that reportedly contains a graphic description of his massacre plans. But
... More »

Insanity Defense Gives Holmes' Prosecutors Herculean Task

It would be up to them to prove James Holmes is sane

(Newser) - If James Holmes ends up pleading not guilty by reason of insanity in the Aurora theater massacre, prosecutors will be fighting an uphill battle—because in Colorado, unlike most other states, the burden of proving the defendant is sane lies with the prosecutors. In around 40 other states as well... More »

Aurora Families Complain Relief Fund Is Sitting on $5M

Very little has actually gone to the families, they say

(Newser) - The Aurora Victims Relief Fund has raised $5 million so far, but the actual victims of the theater massacre and their families have only seen a small portion of that. Giving First, the nonprofit that set up the fund, raised the money "using our murdered loved ones' pictures and... More »

James Holmes Warned Classmate: I'm 'Bad News'

'New York Times' offers lengthy look at alleged theater shooter

(Newser) - The University of Colorado has revealed little about James Holmes in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting spree, so the New York Times did some digging of its own. In a lengthy profile based on interviews with those who encountered him in the months before the massacre, the Times... More »

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