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GOProud Founder Leaving Republican Party Over 'Bigotry'

Gay conservative Jimmy LaSalvia registers as independent

(Newser) - Jimmy LaSalvia, a lifelong Republican who also happens to be a gay man, founded GOProud in an effort to provide a more conservative alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans. But now he's leaving the Republican party altogether. In a post on his blog this week, LaSalvia revealed that he... More »

GOP Coaching Candidates on How to Run Against Women

'Some of these guys have a lot to learn'

(Newser) - In the hopes of avoiding another "legitimate rape" incident , the National Republican Congressional Committee has been meeting with top aides to sitting GOP congressmen, coaching them on how they and their bosses should talk about social issues—particularly if they're running against a woman, Politico reports. "Let... More »

Coming From Massachusetts: Hill's First Gay Republican?

Richard Tisei thinks his sexuality could actually be an advantage

(Newser) - Richard Tisei is hoping to become Capitol Hill's first openly gay Republican this November—and he thinks his sexuality might actually help. Being gay is a "non-issue" in Tisei's left-leaning district, he tells the Hill ; indeed, he thinks being pro-gay-marriage and pro-choice will be marks in his... More »

3 Stories