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Woman 'Horrified' by Connection

Fertility doctor used own sperm to impregnate patient: suit

(Newser) - Kelli Rowlette thought she knew who her biological father was. So when showed her DNA matched a sample from a retired fertility doctor, she assumed the service was unreliable, per the Washington Post . That was until she learned the same doctor had artificially inseminated her mother with his... More »

Longtime Friends in Hawaii Are Closer Than They Thought

After a 60-year friendship, Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane learn they're brothers

(Newser) - They've been buddies for six decades now, ever since meeting in sixth grade, but it turns out that two Hawaii men are even closer than they thought. Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane are, in fact, brothers, reports KHON2 . The discovery came when Macfarlane used to look up... More »

Cops: Man Busted in Decades-Long Secret Life That Fooled His Wife

Richard Hoagland arrested thanks to search on

(Newser) - When Richard Hoagland fled Indiana in 1993, leaving behind four children from two families, he was considered missing and in 2003 declared dead. In reality, police say he was alive and well, living in Florida as Terry Jude Symansky, an unmarried Florida fisherman with no kids who drowned in 1991—... More » Wants to Reveal Your Disease Risks

So far, the FDA isn't having it

(Newser) - The company that tells you whether you can perhaps blame last weekend's sunburn on your Irish roots now wants to tell you your risk of cervical cancer., which claims to have amassed genetic information on more than 1 million customers through its $99 DNA kits, is in... More »

Obama Roots Traced to 1st African-American Slave genealogists spent 500 hours making the connection

(Newser) - has traced President Obama's roots back to Germany and linked him to Rush Limbaugh . Now the site has named a new potential Obama relative: the first documented African-American slave. CNN reports on the result of some 500 hours of work by four genealogists, who were able to... More »

5 Stories