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Fisherman Discovers Bag Containing 54 Severed Hands

Hands were found in Siberia near Russia's border with China

(Newser) - A Russian fisherman in Siberia made a grisly find Thursday: a bag containing 54 severed hands, Live Science reports. A photo of the hands shows them lined up and looking much like leather gloves. According to Time , the bag of hands was found on an island in the Amur River... More »

Doctors Attach Severed Hand ... to Man's Foot

Chinese worker cut off his hand in a work accident

(Newser) - Fast-thinking doctors in China are trying to save a man's severed hand by temporarily reattaching it to his foot, the Daily Mail reports. Xiao Wei cut off his hand in a work accident early last month, leaving him "shocked and frozen on the spot," he said, "... More »

Archaeologists Find 16 Severed Hands in Egypt

Discovery seems to confirm an ancient ritual

(Newser) - Archaeologists digging up an ancient palace in Egypt uncovered a grisly stash of 16 severed human hands. The bones, dating back around 3,600 years, all belonged to right hands, and they were buried in four pits inside the palace, once home to King Khayan, a Hyksos ruler. The chopped-off... More »

3 Stories