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How Sleep Position Can Give You Nightmares

Studies link sleep position to dream quality and emotion

(Newser) - Matt Berical noticed that his restless nights always ended with him facing right, while his girlfriend mostly reported nightmares after waking on her left. "Is there, I wondered, a correlation between bad dreams and sleeping position?" writes Berical at Van Winkles . He dug up a 2004 study that asked... More »

Scientists Unlock a Mystery of REM Sleep

Here's what your flickering eyes may be seeing

(Newser) - Exactly what your flickering eyes are doing during the rapid-eye-movement phase of sleep has long been a mystery to scientists, but a team that monitored the neurons of volunteers says it has figured it out. The neuroscientists say that brain activity during eye flickers in REM sleep is "very,... More »

Dreams of Murder Reveal Your True Nature

People who kill in dreams are more hostile, introverted: contested study

(Newser) - If you dream of wringing someone's neck to the point of murder, researchers say you're more likely to be aggressive, hostile, and introverted while awake. Experts at Germany's Central Institute of Mental Health studied 443 university students' character traits as well as their dreams based on questionnaires.... More »

We Can Spark Lucid Dreaming: Researchers

By electrically stimulating subjects' scalps

(Newser) - Scientists may have found a way to cause lucid dreams—those experiences in which we know we're dreaming and can, in some cases, control the dream. The key, explains an expert, is electric scalp stimulation. "I never thought this would work," Harvard researcher Dr. John Allan Hobson... More »

Stomach Sleepers Have Sexier Dreams

At least according to Hong Kong researchers

(Newser) - Snoozing on your stomach may increase dreams about sex, says a new study. Hong Kong researchers surveyed 670 students, collecting data about sleep postures and dream content and found that stomach sleepers reported more erotic dreams than anyone else. They also described more feelings of "persecution," "being... More »

5 Stories